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Seduction Mastery

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Seduce girls in any social situation FAST.

Answer this uncomfortable question for yourself...

Are you struggling with one of these things?

  1. You watch other guys getting laid but girls show no interest in you
  2. You're struggling to approach an attractive woman if you see her
  3. You quickly run out of things to say with girls
  4. You don't know which attributes women are attracted you
  5. Girls just see you as a "friend"
  6. You don't know how to start a conversation from zero
  7. You registered on a dating app but got no matches
  8. You don't know how to form an emotional connection with a woman
  9. You don't know how to behave in a group so the girls like you

You are not alone. In fact, the majority of today's men has the same struggles as you. There are just a few guys who are very successful with women and can have any girl they want. The reason of their success isn't their looks, money or status. They learned a repeatable scheme that works to seduce any woman. And you can learn it as well.

✅ Approach and seduce girls in public

✅ Date girls that you thought were out of your league

✅ Make your female "friend" want to seduce you

✅ Never run out of things to say

✅ Make her so attracted that you can lean back while she chases you

✅ Become the most high-value man in group settings

Follow the simple steps to lead her from the first greeting to your bedroom.

How does it actually work?

Rather than chasing her, you will become so desirable that she starts to chase you. There is a blueprint of creating attraction from a woman. And it works the same in almost any situation.

First, you get to know her without showing too much interest. Then you use tactics that present you as high-value man. This makes her attracted to you already. Then you form an emotional connection with her by using a simple and standardised framework. From the beginning of the interaction, you take small steps towards the physical and mental escalation (touching and verbal patterns to seduce her mind). Finally, she's so obsessed with you that you're smoothly transitioning to kissing (and more).

How do the step by step guides work exactly?

There is one blueprint of seducing women. We show you how to use it in different scenarios. The mind of a woman doesn't change, and neither do the things you should do to attract her. But we want to make you mindful of some differences depending on the scenario.

We show you how to master seduction in these three scenarios:

1. Dating Apps: The "newest" form of dating

  • Making your profile attractive
  • How to "trick" the algorithm for more matches
  • How to text girls so they want to meet you
  • How to seduce her on the in-person date
  • What to think about dating apps (Are there any good women?)

2. Cold Approach: The most talked form of seduction in the internet

  • How to make yourself appear attractive
  • How to start the conversation with her
  • How to make her think that you're a high-value guy
  • How to build an emotional connection
  • How to kiss her

3: Mutual friends: Seducing a girl from a group

  • How to make her notice you
  • How to look like the most high-value guy of the group
  • How to ged rid of her overprotective friends
  • How to seduce her

After reading these sections, you know how to meet a stranger woman and seduce her with ease.

And there's even more to our package: Our BONUS material shows you how to seduce someone you already know.

FREE BONUS: Friendzone: Turning a "friendship" dynamic into a romance

  • How to undo your female "friend" viewing you as buddy
  • How to make her develop romantic feelings to you
  • How to let her do the seduction while you lay back

We guarantee you: By following the steps from the book, you won't have any issues of getting laid.

Click "I want this!" to turn yourself into a master seducer in any situation.

Still not sure? Here are some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the book.

1. Why would I need the program now?

  • If you struggle with women, you need to do something about it. Romantic relationships are essential for mental health. Once you fixed your women problems, you will live a more fulfilling life.
  • You deserve to be successful with women. If there are other men having sex and emotional intimacy, why shouldn't you?
  • It's okay if you're not naturally good with girls. But it's your responsibility to do something about it. This book is the chance to get rid of your struggles once and for all.
  • Think of all the emotional distress caused by unsuccessful romances. It's time to make these struggles a thing of the past!

2. What is your expertise?

We have helped more than a hundred men with private consulting to fix their problems. We have answered almost every question imaginable in private messages. We have a 100% satisfaction rate in all consultations and our other ebook "21 Questions".

3. Why this price?

Imagine you could date women you thought were completely out of your league. You could start an interesting conversation from zero with any girl in public. And you could make the girl attracted that put you in the friendzone.

How much would you be willing to pay for that? 10k? 50k? Very likely a LOT.

We give you this opportunity for just a fraction that. Get your chance to lock in all this value before the price increases.

4. What will be different after reading the book?

If you're having any struggles with dating and seduction, your life will change.

  • You approach any woman you find attractive in public
  • You make a girl so crazy for you that she's the one doing the chasing
  • No "awkward silence" when talking to a girl
  • No more loneliness and disappointment from women
  • Never again being "friendzoned" by a girl

5. How long will it take to get these results?

Guaranteed from day one. Our book explains you exactly what to do in simple steps that you can apply from today.

6. What is the difference between your tweets and the ebook?

Our tweets are the thoughts of women.

This book is a step by step guide on seduction (from first meeting a girl to getting her in your bedroom).

If you’re looking for practical advice that goes into depth, the book is for you. If you just want to read women’s thoughts, stay with our tweets.

7. What if I apply the steps and it doesn’t work?

If you applied the steps as described in the book and it didn’t work, get in touch with us. We won’t leave you alone.

8. Who is this book NOT for?

The book is not for you if women are very attracted and submissive to you, and you don’t have any struggles to approach and seduce women you like.

9. How is this book different from other courses and ebooks?

Our book is a to-do manual. For each topic, we explain briefly the theory behind it. And the rest ist only about concrete action.

In comparison to other courses, we have no vagueness in it. When you read our book, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to reach the next step.

10. The results sound too good to be true. How can I be sure that it works for me?

We are breaking down the female psyche to its most basic origin. Based on behavioural patterns that are in us humans since centuries, we teach you how to get into her mind. If you play on those evolutionary and societal patterns, she will respond to you based on her biological nature.

11. Can I talk to you before I purchase?

Sure! Message us on twitter or telegram @realthoughtsfem with any question you have about the book.

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The complete guide to dating and seduction

Cold Approach Mastery
Dating App Mastery
Group seduction
Seduction skills for ANY situation
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+ BONUS 2: Secrets of Sex ebook
+ BONUS 3: Consulting if you struggle
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Seduction Mastery

13 ratings
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